Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Brad Schmitt: Megan Barry used us, Nashville — and it really hurts

by Rod Williams - As one who never supported Megan Barry, I do not feel the same sense of betrayal that those who were enthusiastic fans of the mayor feel. I feel bad for any person who lets their greed or lust or their own selfish interest lead them astray and they end up humiliated. I don't feel bad for someone who is brought to justice who I thought was a con artist or a fraud from the very beginning is exposed but when a person who is probably a good person falls from grace and allows themselves to do immoral and illegal acts and ends up humiliated it is a sad occasion.

Megan Barry was a rising star in the progressive movement. Progressive women celebrated one of their own becoming the first women mayor of the city. She performed the first lesbian wedding in Tennessee, was an advocate of abortion rights, and was an advocate of all progressive causes. People saw her as a potential future senator or governor or maybe president. She was progressive but did not appear angry or scary. She was likeable. A lot of Nashvillians and progressives beyond Nashville were invested in her political career. She was a rising star on the left.

It hurts much more when one of your own is proven to be a fraud or flawed or corrupt than it does when it is someone you do not particularly like anyway. Today, progressives are hurting.  Be nice to a progressive today. Don't gloat. Don't appear happy. Let them mourn and heal. Give them space.

Brad Schmitt writing in The Tennessean expresses the hurt of a Barry fan. Below are excepts. To read the full piece follow this link.

 Megan Barry used us, Nashville — and it really hurts

Brad Schmitt, USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee- We have been subjected to a stream of scandalous revelations since Mayor Megan Barry admitted she had an affair with the chief of her security.

Overseas trips.

Tens of thousands of dollars of questionable overtime pay.

Subpoenas and investigations.

Refusal to provide a cell phone pass code.

Naked pictures.

But she promised to be completely transparent with investigators, reporters and anyone else who wanted to see records or ask questions.

Promise broken.

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