Tuesday, January 30, 2018

1st Tuesday host "No Tax 4 Tracks" Wednesday January 31st.

From Tim Skow:

1ST TUESDAY Members and friends 

I hope you know 1ST TUESDAY will have a ''1st-Time-Ever'' .... follow up meeting to our JAN 8th event when Ralph Schulz, from the Nashville Chamber of Commerce came to advocate Mayor Barry's MASS TRANSIT plan. 

On Wednesday, JAN 31st, those group leading the opposition to Mayor Barry's plan... ''NO TAX 4 TRACKS'' will be our special guest speaker(s).
No Tax 4 Tracks spokesmen
TODAY -- the ''NO TAX 4 TRACKS'' group sent to the following notice regarding tonight's Metro Council meeting where there will be a move to adjust the language heading for the MAY 1ST ballot. 

Please take a moment to read... respond ... and share as you are inclined.  IF ...your schedule allows, make plans to visit up for the JAN 31st version of 1ST TUESDAY when NO TAX 4 TRACKS will make their case. Pass the word. To secure your seats for lunch, visit at our website  www.1sttuesdaynashville.com and click on '' Join Us'' 
[ GUESTS.... please use the ''DUES'' icon to secure seats ... should our $25 ''GUEST'' icon give you any trouble] 

Hope to see you on JAN 31 at WALLER LAW 
Tim Skow
Host of 1ST TUESDAY 

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