Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Council action of 10-18-2016: Gulch pedestrian bridge passes, monitoring police pot law enforcement, bribe for Bridestone

In Council action last night the Council approved the acquisition of land on the east bank of the railroad gulch necessary to build the already financed $18 million Gulch pedestrian bridge. The Council approved a bill to monitor police actions in regard to enforcement of marijuana prohibition. Police have the option of either charging an offender under the state law, which can carry heavy fines and imprisonment and a criminal record or they may issue a citation, similar to a speeding ticket. The bill that passes last night would require the police to report how police use their discretion. The council also passes a bill that would pay Bridgestone $500 per employee per year for every new employee they bring to Nashville for a period of seven years.  They are anticipating relocating 415 people to Nashville.

Check back to watch a video of the Council meeting, my play-by-play report and commentary and video notation so you may watch the exciting parts (exciting being a relative term). I will post the video as soon as it is available.

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