Thursday, July 02, 2015

SEIU Local 205 announces their endorsments for August 6th election. A Guide for whom not to support.

From SEIU -The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 205 announces their endorsed candidates for Nashville’s Metro Council elections to be held on August 10, 2015.

The candidates were interviewed and chosen by a committee of rank and file members of our union.  The members of this committee are Davidson County residents who work for Metro Government or for Metro schools.

If there were more than three candidates in a district race, the committee decided to wait until the runoff to give an endorsement.  The committee also decided to wait until the runoff to endorse for the At-Large races.

The endorsed candidates are:
Mayor             Bill Freeman
Vice-Mayor    David Briley
District 5         Sara Martin
District 7         Anthony Davis
District 16       Tony Tenpenny
District 20       Mary Carolyn Roberts
District 21       Ed Kindall
District 23      Mina Johnson
District 24      Kathleen Murphy
District 26      Jeremy Elrod
District 27      Clement Ledbetter
District 28      Tanaka Vercher
District 29      Karen Johnson
District 32      Jacobia Dowell
District 33      Jimmy Gafford
District 34      Steve Butler
District 35      Dave Rosenberg

My Comment: The SEIU is predisposed to support candidates who oppose innovation, cost saving measures, and who favor higher taxes. Except for Tony Tennpenny, whom I support, I would use this list as a guide of whom not to support.  In most cases, the SEIU has endorsed the most liberal candidates running. Rod

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