Saturday, July 11, 2015

Davidson County Republican Party Straw Poll 2015

Below is the straw poll that will be available at the Davidson County Republican Party Picnic.
Davidson County Republican Party Straw Poll 2015
1) Please rank your top 3 preferences for Mayor using a 1 for your top choice, 2 for second and 3 for third.
____  Megan Barry                                         Charles Robert Bone ____
__1_  David Fox                                               Bill Freeman ____
____  Howard Gentry                                       Jeremy Kane __3__
__2_ Linda Eskind Rebrovick

2) On a scale of 1- 6, with 6 being most important, rank these issues facing Nashville. ____ Managing Nashville’s growth                Improving public education ____
____ Reducing Income  inequality                 Crime ____
____ Traffic                                                    Affordable  Housing ____

3) Whom do you plan to vote for in the race for Vice Mayor?
___ David Briley                                           Tim Garrett __X__

4) Do you support the initiative to reduce the size of the Metro Council and increase the limit on terms for the Council to three? ___x_ Yes                      No ____

5) At this moment, who are your top two choices for the Republican nomination for President? Mark your first option with a ‘1’ and second with a ‘2.’
____ Jeb Bush                                                   Ben Carson ____
____ Chris Christie                                           Ted Cruz ____
____ Lindsey Graham                                      Carly Fiorina ____
____ Mike Hukabee                                         Rand Paul ____
____Rick Perry                                                 Marco Rubio __2__
____ Rick Santorum                                         Donald Trump ____
__3_ Scott Walker
__1__Other _Bobby Jindal___________________

My Comment:

Straw polls can be important. The press usually thinks this straw polls is newsworthy and it can give a candidate momentum. Some people who do not attend the picnic may reason, "if that is the way the active Republican are voting, that is the way I will vote." Or, of course people could reason that if that is the way the activist Republicans are voting, I will vote the other way. The text in red above are my recommendations.

Regarding the race for mayor, I think David Fox is the only candidate who is a fiscal conservative in the race and the only candidate who shares my economic values and my believe in the proper role of government. He is the only candidate who has said he would not use eminent domain for redevelopment.   I really don't care about a second and third pick, but just so second or third is not Megan Barry or Bill Freeman, I am voting for a second and third.

Regarding question number 2, some of my priority issues are not on that list. The list should include "efficiency in government and avoiding government waste," "avoid violating peoples rights by avoiding engaging in price controls, price fixing, and eminent domain for development;" or, more succinctly phrased, "economic freedom." How about, "avoiding a tax increase and protecting Metro's bond rating?" Since those are not on the list, then improving schools would be my first choice and I really don't care about the rankings of the other issue.

On question # 3 I am voting for the amendment to reduce the number of Council members and increase terms.  We have the third largest Council of any city in the nation. We can get by with fewer council members. The proposal on the ballot would reduce the council from 35 districts to 27 districts and do away with the at-large position.  Term limits means there is a big turn over every eight years and most of the knowledge and experience of members of the legislative body are lost. This creates a more powerful mayor and a powerful permanent bureaucracy. Both a large council and term limits make for a weak council and a strong mayor. In Nashville, the legislative branch is not a co-equal branch of government.  This will not fix everything but will restore some balance.

In the vice mayor's race, I am voting for Tim Garrett. Both candidates  have experience and are likable and both are Democrats. However, Tim Garrett is an old school conservative Democrat and David Briley is a progressive.  The primary job of the vice mayor is to conduct the council meetings and make committee assignments. There is a fine line between conducting efficient meetings and stifling debate. I think Tim Garrett will find that fine line. In regards to committee assignments, I think Tim Garrett will be thoughtful and fair.  I served in the Metro Council with Tim for about ten years; he is good person and will make a great vice mayor.

Why is Bobby Jindal left off the list of candidates for President? He is a viable candidate.  What was the logic in not having his name on this list? I am writing him in and he is my first choice at this time but I do not yet feel passionate about any of the candidates except there are some who I definitely do not want to be the nominee.

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