Tuesday, February 03, 2015

If we are going to build a new courthouse, I hope we build an impressive stately building.

The Federal Court House
Union Station
The Customs House
Christ Church Cathedral 
President Obama's budget proposal includes $181.5 million for a new federal courthouse in Nashville. I would prefer us keep the current courthouse rather than add $181.5 million to the $18 trillion debt of the United States. However, if we are going to build a new courthouse, I hope we build an attractive building. The Federal Courthouse at 8th and Broad is an ugly, ugly building sitting between the beautiful Customs House and the stately old post office which is now the Frist Museum, which is next to the grand Union Station. Across the street from the court house is the serious Hume-Fogg school and the beautiful Christ Church Cathedral. The federal court house sticks out like a sore thumb due to its ugliness. It may be the ugliest building in Nashville.  If not for the ground floor shinny marble veneer, it would look like a prison or classic soviet architecture. If we build a new courthouse I hope the current building is torn down and something worthy of the building's surroundings it is build on that spot.

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  1. Good argument but I disagree with you on the ugliest building in Nashville. It's got to be the Nashville Electric Service building. It's ugly gray presence is exactly what I would imagine from the novel 1984 with a giant Big Brother poster hanging from it. Or something from Communist East Germany back in the day.