Sunday, October 05, 2014

First Tuesday meets on Monday Oct. 13. Guest is Diane Black.

Meets Monday Oct. 13
From Tim Skow, Host of First Tuesday:

Hello 1ST TUESDAY Members and friends !

Well... its now GAME TIME !! ELECTION DAY is just about 30 days away !! Needless to say there is a LOT going on in WASHINGTON DC, around the country as many as 9 or 10 Senate races are HOT or becoming HOT... and there some HOT races right here in Nashville !!

Who you ask could know, understand and explain what is going on regarding --- The cost and risks of taking the fight to ISIS ? The true medical threats and costs of EBOLA? The latest polling data on the HOTTEST Senate races that will be just 3 weeks away when we meet on OCT 13th? The rumblings of a fight for the next Speaker of the House ? The Budget process if McConnell vs. Reid as Majority Leader in JAN 2015? How will $$$ be saved ? AND.... who else know whats likely to be breaking by the time we meet on MONDAY, OCT 13th !!

1ST TUESDAY is delighted to bring you CONGRESSWOMAN DIANE BLACK!! Given DIANE's multiple key House Committee assignments -- few in Washington DC get more briefings and have more insights made available to them than DIANE !!! AND.... given her extended background as a nurse of 28 years and her terms in the TN State Senate as well, few know or understand the costs and threats of EBOLA... and OBAMACARE.... for that matter !!!

Some of you may be wondering why we are meeting on MONDAY, October 13th ..... In short, our hosts at WALLER Law advised us that Gov. Haslam had requested their conference room on our scheduled date of OCT 7th. IF ANYONE wants to take this up him, you sick 'em !!! But it seemed prudent to agree to move to OCT 13th and hear from DIANE. AS USUAL -- we will meet at WALLER LAW... 511 Union Street, 27th floor.

Parking is available under the building for all. Make sure to tell them you were at 1ST TUESDAY when you leave for the parking discount! DOORS will open at 11AM. .. I am asking Bob Ries, Diana Cuellar, Troy Brewer, Jim Gotto, Brian Mason and John Wang to join us at 11AM... or as close to 11AM as their schedule(s) allow. As is the 1ST TUESDAY tradition for OCT meetings.. IF YOU BRING (or send prior to OCT 10th) a check for $50 or more to any of these local candidates, 2015 DUES to 1ST TUESDAY will be waived !! I can't encourage you enough to help our friends! After the 13th, $$$$ still matters, but it matters most NOW ! AS USUAL -- lunch will be at 11:30AM and is still just $20 for Members and $25 for Guests [yes, you have to pay for lunch even if you are writing a check to your favorite candidate. The Caterer really wants to be paid ! ] Go to and secure your seat(S) !!!! With all that is happening ....

THIS WILL be a great time to bring a GUEST

MUCH MORE NEWS and EXCITEMENT will be on the Agenda... Visitors from those who engaged in the fights on Amendment #1, #2, and #3 are also expected ! PLAN to join us on MONDAY ... OCT 13th !! See you then .... if not before !

Tim Skow Host of 1ST TUESDAY

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