Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chief Anderson blast Judge Casey Moreland. Megan Barry calls on Moreland to resign.

In case you missed the story, a man named David A. Chase beat his girlfriend and was arrested and sent to jail. Instead of serving the required 12-hour cooling off period, he was released almost immediately by order of Davidson County general sessions judge Casey Mooreland. Chase went back to the house he shared with the girlfriend and beat her again.

Judge Moreland said he had made a mistake and apologized. "Other than the victim, nobody feels any worse than I do about what happened," said Moreland. Police Chief Steve Anderson wrote a memo critical of Judge Moreland saying, "There is a distinct difference in regret for doing something that is clearly wrong, and regret for getting caught doing something that is clearly wrong." Chief Anderson said there had been other similar incidents and nothing changes.

Moreland has been on the bench since 1995. In the recent Democrat primary, he ran unopposed and does not have a Republican opponent in the August 7th General Election. Too bad. While it is difficult to win a write-in campaign, in this case a good candidate running a write-in campaign might stand a chance of winning.

Today, Council member Megan Barry who is running for mayor issued a press release calling on Judge Moreland to resign. While I am not a fan of Megan Barry, in this case I think she is right. Moreland should resign.

For more on this story, follow this link. Below is a copy of Megan Barry's press release calling on Moreland to resign.

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