Sunday, February 02, 2014

William Guthoerl announces run to fill the 11th district council seat vacancy

William Guthoerl
Press release, OLD HICKORY, TN - William Guthoerl, a private security contractor and 2011 Metro Council candidate, has announced that he will run to fill the remaining term of resigning 11th district Councilman Darren Jernigan.

Guthoerl states that it's his intent to bring fiscally conservative representation to the council. "I want to ensure that we’re moving in the right direction financially and that taxpayer’s interests are protected long term. We have to look towards the future and how we’re going to fulfill debt service, pension obligations and operating costs and still keep Nashville an affordable place to live for future generations." He takes issue with the current administrations capital spending practices pointing out that more than $1 billion dollars has been spent on projects in Nashville’s core over the past six years.

He believes that this comes at the expense of infrastructure needs and improvements in the counties suburban areas, such as Old Hickory. "It's important economically that this district and the taxpayers are getting a return on their investment into the county. I think it's time to put the brakes on downtown capital spending and bring our suburban communities up to speed. Those investments are an essential part in making our community economically viable and encouraging business growth and job creation. I believe with the right vision, investments and proactive leadership we can continue to move this community forward."

Guthoerl also voices his disapproval of the AMP, Nashville's current $175 million mass transit project. "We have people in our community with real transportation needs such as getting to and from work, medical appointments and other daily tasks because of the very limited options of public transportation available to Old Hickory. It's disappointing that the administration feels that funding a project like this supersedes addressing the needs of our community. I’m also concerned with the amount spent this far on design and public relations. The federal and state funds proposed have yet to be awarded and I’m afraid that if this project continues to move forward Davidson County taxpayers might be stuck with the entire bill.”

Guthoerl says that he’s planning a grassroots effort so that he can get to know people in the district one on one and hear what their concerns and vision for the community are. 

My Comment: I am endorsing William Guthoerl.  We need people of this caliber in the Metro Council.

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