Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do no Repubicans want to be a judge in Davidson County?

From the Tennessean:

Davidson County Election Commission records show that 61 people have picked up qualifying petitions for the primaries, and 28 have already qualified, including Peeler and Smith. The deadline to file a qualifying petition is noon on Feb. 20.

At this point, none of the 28 official candidates are Republicans.

All but four of the 28 are running for judicial positions; the other four are incumbents in other posts running for re-election, most of them in and around the court system: Public Defender Dawn Deaner, Register of Deeds Bill Garrett, Circuit Court Clerk Richard Rooker and Juvenile Court Clerk David Smith. (read more)
Surely there are some good Republican lawyers who would like a judgeship?  Why are there no Republicans seeking to be be Register of Deeds or Juvenile Court Clerk? It is disappointing that no one is running for the court house seats as a Republican. If Republicans don't run candidates then Republicans will continue to vote in Democrat primaries and Nashville will continue to be a one-party town. Which of the Democrats running for judge are really Republican?

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