Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beavers introduces nutty nullification gun bill

Mae Beavers
The legislature is back in session and the nuts are on the loose.  Senator Mae Beavers has introduced a new pro-gun bill that would nullify any federal gun laws in Tennessee.

Beavers is also the sponsor of the law to block implementation of Obamacare in the State.  Her Obamacare bill however makes it illegal for anyone representing the State to assist in implementing Obamacare, it does not declare Obamacare illegal. This gun bill does. It says:
A firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition that is present in this state or is owned or possessed by an individual or entity in this state is not subject to any federal enactment or federal enforcement action. The rights of an individual or entity relative to firearms, firearms accessories or ammunition shall not be subject to any federal enactment or federal enforcement action in this state.

That is one step away from rebellion. It is one thing for a state to not enforce a federal law; it is something else entirely to say citizen of our state are not subject to federal law. When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, they did not declare federal marijuana laws null and void in their state.  Federal agents could still make marijuana bust in Colorado if they chose.  Nullification was settled a long time ago and the supremacy clause trumps nullification.

Tennessee Firearms Association Executive Director John Harris who has flexed his muscle in the past by engineering the defeat of former House Republican Caucus Whip  Debra Maggart and he now thinks he is invincible and is daring Republicans to oppose this bill:
Any elected official in Tennessee who works against this bill is frankly siding with President Obama on gun control. If you don’t vote to protect your own citizens and state from Obama’s liberal gun-grabbing agenda, then you are effectively supporting his gun control scheme and the intentional destruction of the Bill of Rights.
Hopefully sanity will prevail. John Harris might be able to make an example of a single legislator and he might be able to pick them off one by one, but if the sane member of the legislature stick together he can not defeat them all. Someone needs to stand up to the bullying tactics of the TFA. Opposing this bill is not "siding with President Obama on gun control;" it is standing up for sanity and the Constitution and opposing open rebellion against the Federal Government.

To read the full text of the bill, follow this link and click SB1607.

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  1. No abortion, no taxes and no restrictions on guns. That is a conservative! When will you RINO's understand. Mae Beavers is the voice of sanity!