Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Vets arrested for violating the Obama Blockade of the Vietnam memorial

Veterans sitting in the police van, arrested because they would not leave the Vietnam war memorial
Reposted from the Weekly Standard blog:

NBC's affiliate in Washington, D.C. reports that police ordered tourists and Vietnam war veterans who were visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall to leave the memorial at one point on Friday.

After one group of veterans went around the barricade, "the park ranger told them the wall was closed," NBC's Mark Seagraves reported. "Later another group of vets showed up and moved the barricades. At that point, the memorial filled with vets and tourists. That's when police came and moved everyone out."

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is a black granite outdoor wall on which the names of the 58,272 service members who died or were unaccounted for during the Vietnam war are inscribed.

It takes more manpower and costs the government more money to close down an outdoor wall than to let people walk past it and pay their respects.

The Obama administration has been very selective in devoting resources to shutting down memorials.
 My Comment: What an outrage! I applaud these men. Maybe it is time for even more civil disobedience. The goal of the Obama administration appears to be to inflict as much 'pain for the gain' as possible in an expectation that the House Republicans will get the blame for his government shutdown.

The government is spending money keeping people from engaging in off-shore fishing, keeping people from stopping along the road to get a distant view of  Mount Rushmore, and forcing an inn on leased federal land off the Blue Ridge to close, They shut down Amber Alert which is used by law enforcement to notify people of abducted children. Here in Tennessee in Blount County, they blocked a public road forcing schools buses to use dangerous secondary mountain roads putting children's lives in danger.
The Democrats have refused to accept a Republican offer to fund health care research or veterans benefits.  The administration has turned off websites and posted notices that the website was closed due to the shutdown when it would have cost nothing to keep the websites running. The government has shutdown military PX's but not Obama's favorite military golf course.

If we had a press that was any where near unbiased and fair, these stories would be front page and Obama and the Democrats would get the blame. The action of the Obama administration has been petty and vindictive and he is being protected by his friends in the media.

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  1. The Obama Administration is the most anti-American administration in the history of this nation!


  2. This is what happens when you let the government run the memorials, parks, and museums.