Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Poll shows shutdown blame about evenly split

A new CNN poll shows the blame for the government shut down is about evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. This is good news and shows a shift toward blaming the Democrats or Obama. Prior to the shutdown and early in the shutdown, Republicans were getting most of the blame. In 1995 the public blamed the Republicans by a margin of almost 2 to 1.

 I attribute this shift in blame to the petty and vindictive way President Obama had handled the shutdown. Arresting veterans trying to visit the Vietnam War memorial, kicking people out of their homes on leased federal land, not letting school buses use public roads through federal land is rightly seen as unnecessary and vindictive. Also, for all but the low information voter, people realize the Republicans have tried to fund more of the government and been rebuffed.  Republicans need to increase the pressure. Ever vindictive, petty, or hypocritical action of the government to inflict shutdown pain on the public should be exposed.  Harry Reid's and Barack Obama's intransigent refusal to negotiate and compromise should be driven home at every opportunity.

Republicans or other conservative movement organizations need to step up the pressure. They need to buy radio ads, billboards, and TV commercials exposing the true nature of the Democrats and President Obama. I want a "stop the Obama shutdown" bumper sticker.

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