Friday, July 26, 2013

Are we implementing Agenda 21 with NashvilleNext?

by Rod Williams, July 26, 2013 - Why are all those fine citizens who are concerned about Agenda 21 not taking part in the NashvilleNext planning process?

Actually I do not think zoning and planning is part of a diabolical plot to take away private property rights and golf courses and  kill 96% of the worlds population by poisoning them with aspartame and fluoride, but some people do.  A lot of conservative grassroots activist bought into the Anti-Agenda 21 hysteria. Our State legislature passed a resolution condemning Agenda 21. Now, here we are with a major planning event going on in Nashville, and none of the people who attended all of those John Birch Society training sessions on Agenda 21 are taking part. Why? Where are they?

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