Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Irving Kristol's The Neoconservative Persuasion topic of Conservative Fusion

It is tonight. Join us.

From Gene Wisdom:

Neo-cons.  Those nasty neo-conservatives.  Suspect to many conservatives of other stripes, whether traditionalist, libertarian, paleo, or crunchy con, neo-conservatives have been described as liberals who were mugged by reality.  They are often, however, both misunderstood and misrepresented.  Many are labeled by another bugaboo--"Straussians"--by people who haven't read the first word of either neo-conservatives or Leo Strauss.  While their premises are often quite different they share many policy views of other conservatives and have learned lessons, from liberal policy failures, that many conservatives know implicitly.  Irving Kristol is perhaps the original neo-conservative.  This month's focus for Conservative Fusion Book Study is The Neoconservative Persuasion, a collection of Kristol's essays.  The study is an excellent opportunity to better understand neo-conservatism.  
Conservative Fusion was originally a group started through  We have now moved to the next step, dropping the Meetup association and re-forming as a Facebook Group.  Join us for this study and future meetings!

This meeting will be at the home of Rod and Louella Williams on June 26th at 7PM. A Meetup automatic posting stated it would be June 19th. the correct date is June 26th.  Please RSVP to Gene Wisdom, .

Comment from Rod: If you order the book for overnight delivery, you can still get it in time. I ordered mine on amazon and paid one penny, plus shipping! I don't know if the library has a copy or not. This is an important work and enjoyable reading. If you can get the book and can't read it all then start with the essay, "What is neoconservatism" and the essay "The neoconservative persuasion." If you can't read the book, but would like to come listen to the conversation, you can come on. I would be glad to have you. My home is conveniently located off 8th Ave South near Wedgewood. Reply to Gene at the above email for the address.

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