Saturday, June 29, 2013

GOP Summer picnic 2013

Stacy Ries Snyder performs
Senator Doctor Steve Dickerson rocks the house at GOP picnic
This year the Davidson County GOP picnic was held in air conditioned comfort at the Ellington Agricultural Center. We enjoyed barbecue and all the fixings.

About a dozen people had booths promoting everything from energy independence, to 2nd Amendment rights, to Stop the BRT, to Save the Fairgrounds, to education reform. The event was short on speeches and presentations, but was a great time of just socializing and visiting with old friends. There was drawings for door prices and good music performances by Steve Dickerson and Stacy Snyder.

I think about 150 to 200 people attended but I did not get a report of ticket sales, so I really don't know. There was a straw poll and I took good notes of the results and then lost the notes. I know that in the Presidential preference poll Ted Cruze and Paul Rand were the big winners. For the next Mayor people liked Kenneth Eaton and Charlie Tygard. Those who voted in the poll overwhelming favor wine sales in grocery stores and they do not support the proposed immigration reform.

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