Monday, May 27, 2013


 By Ken Jakes

I have an old hammer, its like any you could buy.
But this hammer is special, I'd like to tell you why.

This hammer was my Dad's, it has seen better days,
The handle has become loose, and a crack well displayed.

This hammer was held for years, in the hands of a true man.
It has driven many nails, in structures that still proudly stand.

It is just a simple hammer, that is an example of Dad's life.
He built his home strong to share, for his children and his wife.

He used that same old hammer, he'd say this will do just fine.
He saved the expense of a new one, keeping family on his mind.

He showed me it doesn't take a lot, to complete a job well done.
This hammer would not bring a dollar, but it is priceless to a son.

Dad I will keep your old worn out hammer, to remind me every day.
Of the Nails you drove in life, let your hammer guide me along life's way.

This old worn out hammer is the most expensive of them all.
It will still keep working for Dad, as it proudly hangs on the wall.

Just an old worn out hammer, seen by most people in the world.
But I hope to leave this hammer on the wall, to my precious little girl.

I hope it will bring to her memories, of a Dad who loved her so much,
That he left a special hammer, and through it may she feel his touch.

If it will bring to her just a small portion of the memories it brings to me.
Then Dad's hammer will continue to build, and Dad would be pleased.

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