Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Please join me in supporting Jim Tracy for Congress.


I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, and support since I announced my candidacy for the 4th Congressional District back in January. Trena and I are truly overwhelmed and grateful to everyone who has stood behind us through this process.
Because of YOU, we were able to raise over $436,000 during the first quarter from over 400 individual donors. Fundraising not only allows me to communicate my message to the district, but it shows my team's depth of support for our effort and principles. I can't thank you enough for being a part of Team Tracy, together we can get our country moving in the right direction.   
I have traveled and visited with Tennesseans in Rutherford, Maury, Lincoln, Marshall, Moore, Bedford, Rhea, Bledsoe, Franklin, Meigs, Van Buren, Bradley and Warren counties. I have met concerned Tennesseans like you that believe Washington is broken- both morally and financially.  In the next few weeks, I will have the opportunity to visit several more 4th Congressional District Counties and I look forward to meeting you and your families to learn what is most important to you.
My State Senate district overlays with 5 of the counties in the 4th Congressional District. The 4th Congressional District covers a good portion of Southern Tennessee. To reach these voters, I need your financial support. If you haven’t already, please join our team today by donating $250, $100, $50 or whatever you can afford. Other leaders of our team include Governor Winfield Dunn, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and many more political and business leaders throughout this great State.
With your help, I can communicate our message to voters. Please consider joining my team right now with a contribution or sign up to volunteer at www.tracyfortn.com. I appreciate your time and your commitment to our Country and State.
Best Regards,
Jim Tracy
Team Tracy Full Leadership Team:
Betty & Governor Winfield Dunn
Sindy & Lt. Governor and Speaker of the Senate Ron Ramsey
Jill & Speaker Pro Tempore Bo Watson
Chris & Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris
Theresa & Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron
State Senator Randy McNally
State Senator Rusty Crowe
State Senator Steve Southerland
Deanna & State Senator Jack Johnson
State Senator Dolores Gresham
State Senator Brian Kelsey
State Senator Becky Duncan Massey
Kay & State Senator Ferrell Haile
Katrina & State Senator Steve Dickerson
Sylvia & State Senator Todd Gardenhire
Camie & State Senator Mark Green
Gina & State Senator Joey Hensley
State Senator John Stevens
State Senator Jim Summerville
Mary & State Rep. Pat Marsh
State Rep. Jeremy Faison
State Rep. Ryan Haynes
Felicia & State Rep. Mike Sparks
Kim & State Rep. Billy Spivey
State Rep. Ron Travis
State Rep. Dawn & Chad White
State Rep. Rick Womick
Karen & Andy Adams
Cindy & Fred Adams
Kay & Lee Adcock
Connie & Councilman Marc Adkins
Jimmy Allen
Jade & Tom Anderson
Cathy Arter
Rita Ash
Kent Ayer
Janet & Jim Ayers
Christina & Glenn Barber
Linda & Rick Barker
Wanda & Phil Barnes
Bill Bates
Ann & Thomas Batey
Elma & Dr. Farris Beasley
Lesa & Al Bellenfant
Wayne Blair
Sid Blalock
Jill & Greg Brock
Jim Brock
Pam & Barry Buckley
Lynn & Butch Bullen
Brenda & Dr. Jimmy Clark
Alison & Scott Cocanougher
Tanya & David Coffey
Holly & Adam Coggin
Councilman H.G. Cole
Marian & Wayne Coomes
Barry Cooper
Lisa & Kerry Couch
Lucy & Ewin Cowley
Janie & Larry Craig
Kay & Ed Davenport
Mary Ann & John Davis
Kristin & Peter Demos
Teresa & Jerome Dempsey
Fred Dettwiller
Brandi & Mayor Tony Dover
Francis & Jimmy Earle, Sr.
Dana & Phillip Edwards
Barbara & John Evans
Rhonda & Richard Farris
Beth & Harvey Fischer
Jessica & Lance Frizzell
Lynn & Marc Foster
Judy & Ed Garner
Shirley & Paul Gaw
Amy & Brooke Grubb
Lori & Clint Hall
Janice & Ward Harder
Debbie & John Harney
Thesa & Denny Hastings
Bill Hayes
Keith Heflin
Terry & Johnie Hines
Dean & Tommy Hodges
Ann & David Hoke
Kay & Johnny Holden
Carrie & Aaron Holiday
Holly & Jeff Hollingshead
Melissa & Mike Hollingshead
Linda & Doug Howard
Mandy & Jeffrey Howard
Bruce Hull
Debbie & Joey Jacobs
Pat & David Jent
Joy & Councilman Paul Johns
Doris & Clyde Jones
Pallie & David Jones
Pamela & Tim Keach
Amy & Stan King
Christie & Councilman Lance Lee
Sonya & Terry Leeman
Mary & Fred Lovelace
Carol & Bill Marsh
Beth & AJ McCall
Virginia & Albert McCall
Hubert McCullough
Beverly & Dr. Warren McPherson
Gloria & Doyle Meadows
Celeste & Michael Middleton
Barbara & Jim Moon
Donna & Councilman Tim Morrell
Drs. Mary & Max Moss
Kitty & Matt Murfree
Trish & Dr. Bill Nash
Mike Niederhauser
David Nipper
Anita & Mark Pirtle
Airica & Dr. LG Puckett
Sherry & Mike Randles
Stacy & Brad Rector
Julie & Jeff Reed
Amanda & Shane Reeves
Richard Reeves
Holly & Mike Rittenberry
Candy & Gene Ritz
Vicki & Danny Robbins
Chelsea & John Rose
Carol & Steve Ruckart
Lisa & Dewayne Sadler
Amy & Rick Sain
Patricia & Commissioner Sonny Shackelford
Michelle & Chris Shrader
Denise & Steve Smith
Judy & Tommy Smith
James Smythe
Mayor Bob Spivey
Anne & Charles Stewart
Liz & Wes Stowers
Lynne & Dr. Carl Swafford
Kelly & Matt Swallows
Joyce & Chuck Taylor
Anne & Admiral James Taylor
Billie & Jim Thompson
Margrey & Dr. Roy Thompson
Janet & Landis Turner
Anne & Mayor John Ed Underwood
Teri & Tracy Vannatta
Lynn & Mike Vaught
Brandon Vincent
Sally & Howard Wall
Mike Waller
Corinne & Jimmy Ward
Mary & Jack Weatherford
Please join me in supporting Jim Tracy for Congress.

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