Thursday, May 09, 2013

Election Commissioin fires Albert Tische! Jim Gotto to resign from the Election Commission!

Davidson County Election Administrator Albert Tieche Voted Out, 3-9-2013, NASHVILLE, TN. - The Davidson County Election Commission voted to fire Election Administrator Albert Tieche at a specially-called meeting Thursday. The motion passed 4-1.

Recently State Elections Coordinator Mark Goins wrote a report that blamed Albert Tieche for the county's handling of the 2012 elections.

After the announcement, Election Commissioner Jim Gotto announced he would step down as a result of the vote. He was appointed just a month ago.(read more)

Davidson Co. election commission fires administrator

Reported by Carley Gordon, May 09, 2013, NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV-AP) -...The 4-1 vote came as the commission addressed controversy surrounding the Davidson County Aug. 2, 2012, primary.

Also during the meeting, Commissioner Jim Gotto, who was appointed to serve on the commission last month, offered his resignation. (link)

My Comment: This is a damn shame.

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  1. Gotto told plenty of people he never intended to serve full two year on commish, but resign early to run for office. Guess when he didn't get elected chair he wanted out early cuz he couldn't use commish as platform to campaign - not at all surprised by his resignation