Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Transportation Licensing Commission Budget Hearing (aka Dept of limo price fixing)

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Summary: The presentation is made by the agency's director, Brian McQuistion. Last year the agency processed a record 1650 applications for licenses and permits which was a 42% increase over the previous year. Last year the commission began licensing the non-taxi livery vehicles and have licensed 60 companies and over 400 drivers. We are ahead on revenue and on track on expenses. We can continue to operate as we are with a 2% budget reduction. He addresses the challenge of meeting the expected additional demand for transportation services expected to follow the opening of the new convention center and the challenge of improving the condition of vehicles on the street. To offset the new expected demand for more taxis would require about $39,000 additional revenue. He also says a comprehensive study is underway expected to be completed in May that will address the way transportation is regulated and will help establish how many taxis the city needs.

This is insightful as to how the city views the job of economic regulation and how they think bureaucrats are better at determining how many taxis and other for-hire vehicles are needed in Nashville than market forces. No mention is made of how the city most likely unconstitutionally fixes prices or how the Commission has been on a campaign of harassment and intimidation to protect the established limo companies from competition and how TLC inspectors have been impersonating police officers and pulling over members of the motoring public and issuing citations. No mention is made of the how the Commission denied a new start-up cap company the right to operate for no apparent reason or the bigoted comments made by the Director that if there were too many cap drivers for all to make a decent living the drivers would turn to promoting prostitution and other crime

For more information on the story of how the city fixes prices and curtails economic liberty follow this link.

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