Thursday, March 08, 2012

Residents exploring Banks recall option | The Tennessean |

Brady Banks
A Metro councilman might have to face voters again much sooner than he was expecting just a week ago. A group of residents in Nashville's District 4 is exploring the possibility of recalling Councilman Brady Banks after his Feb. 16 arrest on a misdemeanor charge of patronizing prostitution, a leader of the group said Wednesday.(Residents exploring Banks recall option | The Tennessean)

I recently had a conversations with some of the members of this group who are exploring a recall of Brady Banks. One told me that they had been hoping Banks would do the honorable thing and resign his post. They are very disappointed he has chosen to not resign.  "Ronnie Stein resigned," one person told me, "and all he did was shoplift. He (Banks) knowingly, premeditately, committed an illegal act. He should have resigned."

Another member expressed her disgust saying, "I doubt this is his first rodeo.  He had to seek out the offer of prostitution, make the call, drive to the location and negotiate the transaction. This was not a spontaneous act committed in a moment of weakness."

No one has yet started the recall petition drive but the group is organizing and still discussing the option.

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