Saturday, March 24, 2012

Agenda 21 Alert: no parking on the front yard and Black bears

Is this part of Agenda 21?
La Vergne to outlaw parking on front-yard grass

and this?
Black bears spread across Tennessee 

No one has told me this is part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy, but look at it: La Vergne is in the process of taking away the right to park cars in your front yard and the state is allowing the expansion of wild bears into areas occupied by people.  Is this favoring nature over people?  Is it an attack on the American way of life?  Is it an attempt to get people to give up their cars?

After reading about the case in Murfressboro which was exposed as part of Agenda 21, I think I am getting pretty good at spotting Agenda 21 policies. In Murfressboro, a guy changes the use of a piece of commercial property from a fencing company to a restaurant and when he does so he is told by city officials that he will have to pave the parking lot and have more parking spaces.  This was offered by Rep. Rick Womick as an example of how our property rights are being taken away as part to the Agenda 21 UN conspiracy.

I figure if that is part of Agenda 21, then the two examples I spotted today must be part of Agenda 21.  If there are any of the 72 state representative who voted for House Joint Resolution 587, which denounced Agenda 21, or any John Birch Society members or other experts on Agenda 21 who could tell me it the two items I have listed are part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy, I would appreciate it.

I have started reading Agenda 21, but  have only read the first two chapters of the 40 chapter study and have not gotten to the scary parts yet.  I will continue reading, but it is really, really boring.

Agenda 21 is being exposed everywhere and these are some of the things that others have alleged are part of the Agenda 21 policies: outcome based education, sustainable agriculture, community assets inventory,  traffic roundabouts, greenways, bikeways, mass transit, conservation easements, General Land use Plans, regional planning commissions,  neighborhood alliance organizations, smart growth, smart meters, community oriented policing, opposition to suburban sprawl, opposition to road expansions, requirements that parking lots be paved, and  requirements that commercial enterprises have a minimum number of parking spaces. 

Before I add "banning parking in front yards" and "Black bear population expansions" to the above list, I would like for some expert to tell me that I really am correct and these things are also part to the Agenda 21 conspiracy.

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