Friday, February 03, 2012

Pity the Poor Teachers. They have to Repay their Loans.

Is is not basic that if you borrow money you have to pay it back? How is requiring repayment of a debt "messing" with someone? If you are working as a teacher is there any reason why you should not be repaying your student loans?

According to the Nashville Scene and State Democrats, Republicans are picking on teachers by requiring them to repay their student loans. I think everyone should repay their debts if they are able. If former students are not working they can get deferments of their debt. If they are working then repaying student loans is one of those bills that have to be paid.  I still think teachers should also be good role models.   Deadbeat teachers who won't repay borrowed money are not good role models and should not be teaching. Yank their certificate!

It's Groundhog Day! GOP Messing with Teachers Again 
Posted by Jeff Woods on Thu, Feb 2, 2012, Nashville Scene

Not satisfied with crippling their union and weakening tenure, Republicans running the state House slapped public school teachers again today. This time, Tennessee's big-government conservatives rammed through legislation to yank their certificates to teach if they fail to pay back their student loans.

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