Friday, December 30, 2011

Please Vote in my Republican Primary Preference Poll

I would like to know for whom the visitors to this blog would vote if voting in the Republican Iowa caucuses. Please look to the left and cast your vote.

The polling data coming from Iowa has been all over the place. The most recent CNN polling shows that Romney is on top just days before the caucus. Santorum has a promising rise, Paul is holding firm in second place but has dropped from the number one spot he had for a short while and Newt has dropped like a rock. This comparison of where they are now compared to where they were three weeks earlier is revealing.

                      Dec. 21-27              Nov. 29–Dec. 6
                             2011                 2011
Romney                   25%              20%
Paul                         22%               17%
Santorum                16%                  5%
Gingrich                  14%                33%
Perry                      11%                 9%
Bachmann                 9%                7%
Huntsman                 1%                 1%
Someone else (vol.) *                      *
None/ No one (vol.) *                     2%
No opinion                2%                 5%
Despite Ron Paul's favorable showing in Iowa, I think there is almost no chance he will be the Republican nominee. He is too far outside the political mainstream. Should he be the nominee, I think President Obama will be reelected in a landslide. Also, despite Romney's top spot in Iowa today and his consistent holding on to about 20% of the Republican support nationwide, I do not think he will be the nominee. He is simply too moderate for most Republicans and has flip-flopped too often. I have been a Newt supporter but quite frankly am not encouraged that he can win the nomination. If he is the nominee, I think he could provide a strong challenge to Obama simply because he is so much more intelligent and informed than Obama and can better articulate his positions and has a good game plan for winning. In a debate, Newt will run circles around Obama and Newt can force Obama to debate. However Newt has a lot of baggage and with Obama's vast campaign war chest we would see a very dirty campaign focusing on Newts negatives. 

I think we have a great chance to make Obama a one-term President but we must have the right candidate to do it. I don't know who that candidate is.

The Iowa caucus is January 3rd. Please cast your vote today in my poll. I would like to know who you support. This poll is only open 4 more days.

Please cast your vote in the poll to the left and then leave a comment telling me who you are supporting and why.

Thanks for participating, Rod

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  1. I would tend to disagree with your assertion, "I think we have a great chance to make Obama a one-term President". This, I think, explains the president field of potential nominees. Smart money sees Obama being reelected and the republican candidate losing. Smart republicans who really thing they have presidential possibilities have chosen to wait until 2016. Regardless of the success of an Obama second term or lack thereof, 2016 will be a much easier win for a competent, capable republican. On that note trying to include candidates like Bachmann, Paul, Gingrich, Cain, and Santorum in a sentence with either competent or capable is an exercise in futility.

  2. You left out "all of these are bad to horrible". Unless Americans Elect puts up a decent candidate, again we'll come down to the crappy lesser evil on the left, vs the crappy lesser evil on the right.

  3. Anyone of our current candidates, with the exception of Paul, would do a better job than Obama.
    We need to stay focused and not let the left throw us off balance. As voters we need to make sure the issues are what we are voting on.

    Personally my vote is for Rick Perry and my reasons are many.
    The number one reason is that he is the only candidate that really is talking about big major changes in Washington. Of course congress doesn’t want him because he wants to cut their pay, send them home to live under the same laws they create for us. It takes guts to stand up against congress to whom most Americans don’t trust. They are powerful and certainly will do
    anything they can to stop him. The media including Fox is blackballing him. If the media is fearful of his changes that gives me reason to
    give him a second look for President. He has a great energy plan which certainly worked in Texas and would create jobs immediately for the entire
    country. His 20% flat tax is a big improvement over what we have and if we don’t like it he gives us a choice. His plans for fixing the country’s current economic crisis are the most reasonable of all the candidates. He wants Obamacare gone and would make sure that happens.

    I agree with Steve Forbes when he says,”Stopping the Federal Reserve from printing massive amounts
    of money to try & fix problems that can’t be fixed if the dollar becomes weakened in the process is hurting the United States. Rick Perry understands the need for a stable dollar.

    Lastly for those who say he would be eaten alive by Obama in a debate, I say they are wrong. Obama without a teleprompter is a joke.
    Obama is a failure as a President, but Perry is a huge success as a Governor. I believe he would hold his own real well by challenging Obama's record.

    Obama can be beaten, but we the voters must keep that as our focus, and stop tearing down every candidate we have. If we fail to do this, we will have 4 more years with Obama the man that is insisting on destroying America.

  4. I'm a bit late in voting, but I would vote for Jon Huntsman. While I have a difference of opinions with all of the candidates on various issues, I think Huntsman is the more "complete" candidate that the Republicans need, not just in 2012, but for the next decade. He has the private business experience. He has the Executive office experience. He has the foreign policy experience. The only thing he doesn't have at the moment is the name recognition.

    I think at the end of the voting tomorrow, Bachmann might be the first "election victim" by coming in last (and broke).

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