Monday, October 03, 2011

Restore Religious Freedom at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt University Harasses Religious Students

September 23, 2011—Vanderbilt University has deferred recognition of several religious student organizations because they want their student leaders to agree with the groups’ core religious beliefs.  Religious groups expect their leaders to lead Bible studies, prayer, and worship at their meetings.  Vanderbilt claims such an expectation violates university policies.  But isn’t Vanderbilt the one violating university policies when it harasses religious students for their religious beliefs?

To learn more, see the below news accounts:
Vanderbilt’s Email to CLS student chapter, August 9, 2011, here
CLS’s Letter to Vanderbilt’s Chancellor, August 12, 2011, here
Vanderbilt student newspaper article, September 20, 2011, here
FIRE’s Letter to Vanderbilt’s Chancellor, September 21, 2011, here
Channel 2 News Report, September 20, 2011, here 
Fox News Story, September 26, 2011, here

Show your support for religious  freedom at Vanderbilt. Go to this link on facebook and "like" and "share" on your own facebook page.

If you are an alumni of Vanderbilt or the parent of a vandy student, your voice may carry a lot of weight. Please write the Chancellor a letter expressing your displeasure.

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