Friday, June 10, 2011

Sen. Corker sponsors resolution requiring authorization for war in Libya

Sen. Corker introduced a joint resolution of Congress this week requiring the Obama administration to provide a detailed justification of U.S. operations in Libya and prohibiting the deployment of U.S. troops on the ground there. It further calls on the president to request authorization for the continuation of U.S. involvement in NATO activities and states that Congress should fully debate such a request expediently. Nearly 90 days after the initiation of force in Libya, no debate has occurred.
“It has now been more than 80 days since the United States first launched military action in Libya in what was supposed to be only a very limited operation, but neither the Congress nor the American people have any clearer view of the administration’s stated mission or end game for our military involvement in Libya. Having been denied answers, repeatedly, to these fundamental questions or even a comprehensive debate to consider the merits of U.S. involvement in such an engagement, it’s long past time to set a final deadline to get the information every man and woman who puts on a uniform and every taxpayer who funds the operation deserves,” Sen. Corker said.

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The joint resolution, which would have the force of law, requires the Administration to publicly answer a detailed series of questions about the Libya operation within 14 days of enactment.  Parts of the resolution mirror bills passed in the House of Representatives.

Comment: It is appalling that the President of the United States can take the nation to war without consultation with Congress. It is appalling that we will go to war on the authorization of the United Nations. What about the War Powers Act?  It is very specific about when the President may commit the nation to war. Why has this president not been impeached? I applaud Senator Corker for his leadership. Please watch this video. Regardless of how one feels about the merits of the war in Libya, surely one cannot think the President should unilaterally commit this nation to war.

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