Saturday, April 23, 2011

Council Members, Please explain your vote.

Kay Brooks in response to my last post asked, who were the council members who voted for the Limo price fixing bill and are they up for election this year.  The answer is all who voted, except for Councilman Todd who abstained, voted for it and many of them are up for reelection.

Here is the list. I have highlighted in red those council member who disappointed me, who I assumed were conservative. I did not expect much better from the others.

....the following vote: “Ayes” Garrett, Barry, Tygard, Steine, Maynard, Matthews, Harrison, Hunt, Craddock, Hollin, Jameson, Cole, Bennett, Forkum, Ryman, Jernigan, Gotto, Burch, Stanley, Claiborne, Page, Moore, LaLonde, Gilmore, Baker, Langster, Crafton, Evans, Holleman, McGuire, Adkins, Foster, Dominy, Wilhoite, Toler, Coleman, Duvall, Mitchell (38); “Noes” (0); “Abstaining Todd (1)."
 I am writing an email to all of the Council Members highlighted above, with this message:
Greetings Councilman,
I have been disappointing to learn that the city recently passed a price-fixing bill to protect the high-end limo service providers against competition from those who would supply cheaper limo service.  I am very, very disappointed  in your vote.  I have always thought you were one of the "good guys" of the Council and a conservative. I can see two possible reasons for your vote:
(1) I don't have all the facts and their is a very good reason you voted the way you did. If that is true could you please explain your vote. I will publish your response on my blog. 
(2) You did not know what you were voting on.  The bill passed the committees with unanimous recommendations, you do not serve on any of those committees so you were unaware of the issue involved and relied on the Committee recommendation. If that is true then, that is not a good enough reason, however, I can understand that. If that is the case, will you introduce legislation to reverse this legislative action?

I look forward to your reply.

Rod Williams
I will report any response I get.

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