Monday, September 20, 2010

Kathleen Starnes, Chairman DCRP: our voters are expecting a "bona fide" Republican.

RE: Administrator of Elections
Monday, September 20, 2010 4:54 PM

From: Kathleen Starnes
To: Patricia Heim , Steve Abernathy, Lynn Greer, Beth Harwell, sen.jack.johnson, Chris Devaney

Message contains attachments1 File (25KB)Norman(Buck)Dozier,Jr.xls

It has come to my attention, that one of the candidates for Administrator of Elections is Norman "Buck" Dozier.

I am sure you realize that he is not a true Republican as his record attached proves. This is not personal.

This is an important position for Republicans in Davidson County and our voters are expecting a "bona fide" Republican as our Administrator of Elections.

Thank you for your attention.
Kathleen Starnes, Chairman
Davidson County Republican Party

Comment: Thanks to Kathleen Starnes for representing the Republican wing of the Republican party.

The above email was sent today. I have deleted the email addresses since those addresses my be private email addresses and I wish to respect the privacy of the recipients of this email.

The enclosed attachment is a spreadsheet and I cannot reproduce it for this post. It shows Buck Dozier's voting record for the last several years. Voting records are public information. No one can tell how you voted of course, but your voting record will tell if you voted in a particular election. The voting record will tell if you voted in a Republican or a Democrat primary.

Buck Dozier failed to vote in 6 of the last 23 elections, he voted in 3 statewide primaries as a Democrat. There is no record of him voting Republican in any of the available primaries.

If the Election Commission gives this job to Buck Dozier, the Republicans on the Election Commission need to be replaced.

If the Republicans on the Election Commission vote to give this job to Buck Dozier, I think it reflects poorly on the judegment of the legislators who appointed them.

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  1. GOOD JOB Kathleen! I will have to let Patrick know this. We all know that he hates it when Republicans do not act like Republicans, and he hates it even more when the heads of the Party say nothing about it.

    GO Kathleen!!!!

  2. Rod: This is why we cannot win elections. When we get in control of something we don't know how to act. Thanks for posting.