Monday, December 08, 2008

Why do people pay good money to look very poor?

Sunday my wife and I went to our favorite coffee shop in Hillsboro Village. I like HillsboroVillage. It is near the university area and is always lively and interesting with boutiques, book stores, several resturants, coffee shops and an art gallery. We sat in the Provence Café and Louella had her cream brulee and cappuccino and I had the house coffee and a scone as we read the Sunday paper. Although cold, it was a pretty day and after our visit to Provence we decided to walk a couple blocks before heading back to the car. Strolling through the village we window-shopped and went into a couple stores.

One of the stores we visited was a clothing store called Posh. In the store was a female manikin in a pair of tight fitting blue jeans. The jeans were frayed around the cuffs and from the knees upward the front of the pants were faded. They were not faded to a light blue or white but a kind of rusty dirty color. The pants looked like someone had also painted in them. On the front, in the upper thigh region they had what looked like a few small paint spatters. On a couple or more places it looked like someone had tried to wipe off the paint spatter and the paint was smeared. I looked at the tag. The brand was Diesel and the price of the pants was $250.

I don’t get it. They looked like Goodwill rejects. I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would want to wear pants that looked like they were pulled out the trash. They were just plain ugly. You know the people who buy them are probably little rich girls who attend Vanderbilt University. Why do people pay good money to look very poor? Can someone explain this?

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