Monday, December 08, 2008

Alan, buy yourself a new pair of pants!

I was telling Pattie, my co-worker about the disreputable pair of jeans I saw at Posh with a $250 price tag and she said, “What about Alan Jackson? Why does he were the pants with holes in the knee?”

Yea, I don’t get that either.

Alan Jackson is one of my favorite contemporary country artists. I love his music, but I do not understand the worn out knees of the pants.

Alan, you have got to have made a lot of money by now. You have sold over 50 million records. You have had twenty-four number one country songs and had more than 50 singles reach the top forty on Billboard’s County charts. You have won ACM’s and CMA’s and a Grammy and you pack out stadiums all across the county. Why do you wear the pants with the torn out knees? I really don’t understand the expensive designer western shirts matched with the pants with the worn-out knees. Alan, buy yourself a new pair of pants! Please. You can afford them.

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