Thursday, October 09, 2008

Who is financing Obama's campaign?

Obama money from abroad could total $3.3 million

Tue Oct 7, 9:13 PM ET WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has raised about $3.3 million from contributors who did not list a home state....(link)

Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign

Monday, September 29, 2008 9:23 PMBy: Kenneth R. Timmerman - More than half of the whopping $426.9 million Barack Obama has raised has come from small donors whose names the Obama campaign won't disclose. And questions have arisen about millions more in foreign donations the Obama campaign has received that apparently have not been vetted as legitimate. (link)


Is Obama bought and paid for? If so, by whom? Where is the transparency? It is scary to think that the man who may be our next President financed his campaign with over $200 million from unknown donors. $200 million dollars is a lot money! We have no idea who is contributing to his campaign or why. We do know that many of those donors were most likely foreign nationals.

Public financing of campaigns used to be favored by liberals, yet Obama refused to a accept public funding and the restrictions that go along with it. There is an argument to be made that restrictions on campaign giving and spending is a restriction on our first amendment free speech rights, yet all should agree that transparency is important. All of us should be concerned if foreign interest are financing a candidates presidential campaign. The public should know where the money is coming from. We should expect full disclosure. Why will Obama not disclose who is financing his campaign?

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  1. the vasts sums of money coming from overseas say something. unfortunately the outcome of the u.s election will effect not only americans but the rest of the world. and the rest of the world is clearly showing where its' hopes lay. obama, a better america and hence a better planet.

  2. The problem isn't that Barack Hussein Obama is declining public financing. I really don't care. The problem is that he said he would use public financing if McCain did. McCain did, Barack Hussein Obama has gone back on his word. And then he has the temerity of blaming the Republicans for "forcing" him to go back on his word.

    Real reformers don't do it just when it's convenient. The best way for Barack Hussein Obama to support public financing is not to fix it later, but to participate in it now.

  3. Americans from overseas can contribute says your first link. Seems like that's the answer, although probably not the one you were looking for.