Thursday, October 09, 2008

Do Democrats want to destroy our democracy?

“We oppose laws that require identification in order to vote or register to vote.
2008 Democratic Party Platform, page 56, read it here.

This above link is to the official Democratic Web site. Check it out! I am not making this up. I am not taking this out of context. This is unbelievable!

What are Decorates thinking? How could this plank make it into the party’s platform? This may be the most radical plank ever in any major party’s platform. What would happen it there were no laws requiring identification to register to vote or to cast a vote? Dead people would vote. Illegal aliens would vote. Underage people would vote. Some people would go from polling place to polling place and vote again and again and again. With early voting, the same individual could vote literally dozens, if not hundreds, of times. Caravan of voter would travel from “safe” states to go to battleground states to vote. Massive numbers of people would be bussed from states with few electoral votes to states with large numbers of electoral votes to cast their vote. This would spell the end of our democracy. Do Democrats want to destroy our democracy?

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  1. "Do Democrats want to destroy our democracy?"

    Magic 8Ball says, "Yes."

    More to the point, the Democrats wish to destroy any vestige of a representative republic merged to a free market economy.

    This generation's Democrats envision their USA as a socialist utopia -- and Obama is their pied piper -- their light bringer...

    Build your bunker, we're gonna need them.

  2. A free Market so free that it threatens to destroy our country? wtf? When people can't exercise constraint - and really people never do - then there must be regulations - so to maintain balance. You all talk as if only Dems are capable of doing underhanded and illegal activities. What is your problem?

  3. It does seem like an extremem position to take. But if the issue is to find ways to reduce/eliminate atempts at voter fraud, then aren't there other ways to achieve this? In Iraq's recent elections, they painted thumbs once you voted, so you couldn't vote more than once.

  4. Anonymous, If we do away with voter identification requirements, the inked thumb would be a way to keep people from voting more than once. Would Democrates oppose that or is the desire to steal elections and let people vote multiple times? The inked thumb would not keep illegals from voting and underage from voting and it would not stop people from voting in other districts where their vote would have a greater effect on the outcome.

  5. Yeah, the free market is working real well today, down another 650+ points. I guess I'll be wiping my @$$ with my 401k statement, since I won't be able to afford toilet paper anymore.

  6. registered independent says
    tell me something i care about. how is mccain going to fix this economy, what are his plans. I have heard nothing just a bunch of disjointed ideas.
    getting tired of this mccain and palin road/comedy show. so are many americans. no ideas stay home

  7. It's funny you ask "What are Decorates thinking?" when the very next words after your quoted section of their Party Platform explain their thinking: we oppose laws that require identification in order to vote or register to vote, which create discriminatory barriers to the right to vote and disenfranchise many eligible voters. You are not taking this out of context, you say? Hmmmmm

    Now, I don't have any of the supporting points on hand on how ID might create these barriers or disenfranchise voters, although I have heard that a number of poor people, older people, and transplanted persons who are now citezens, cannot obtain a state ID as they don't have official birth certificates (born at home, born before birth certificates were issued, etc.).

    I will say that this solution (no ID required) is a shotgun where a scalpel is needed.

    I like the blue thumb aspect. An intriguing solution, easy to do.

    And if we encouraged everyone (everyone eligible that is, duh) to vote, then when a fraudulant voter tried to assume someone else's identity to vote, the fraud would come out, since the name would tried to be used twice.