Friday, October 03, 2008

The Biden-Palin Debate


She was charming, articulate, knowlegable, sharp-witted, folksy, and quick. No deer-in-the-headlight look, no awkward pauses, no wrong answers. The only criticism I would have of her is that she had a tendency to answer the question she wished she had been asked rather than what was asked. However, I don't think that did her any harm. I had some anxiety about her ability prior to this debate. She held her own. No, she did better than that: She won.

I also was concerned that Gwen Ifill may not be a fair moderator due to her financial interest in an Obama victory and her stated admiration for Obama. She was fair.

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  1. Nice to have you back on board :) Now don't get fooled by the MSM again. It is SO easy to interview someone and make them look awful. They also interview Obama and do their best to make him look good.

  2. Wow. I didn't perceive the debate outcome the same way at all. I am very surprised by your evident capitulation to the Party line.

  3. I thought Palin made a good accounting of herself and was able to connect with viewers on a personal level. Her strong suit was definitely energy issues and she did well to emphasize that. I don't believe she was as substantive on some other issues, however, and there were instances where she was just wrong.

    The first one that comes to mind was calling the commander in Afghanistan "McClellan" when it's actually General McKiernan. She also mischaracterized his position regarding applying counterinsurgency strategies used in Iraq to the tribes in Afghanistan. She stated that McKiernan said those strategies might work, he actually said they would not.

    Secondly, she seemed to support the opposite stance of the McCain campaign on the role of bankruptcy judges in readjusting mortgages to help people from being foreclosed on. The campaign is putting out statements today to try and correct that.

    Overall though, she didn't harm the campaign as some worried she might, and we'll see how the polling trends go in the next few days, but she's probably relieved the base of the party and helped reverse the momentum to some degree in all likelihood.

    I'd also like to applaud you Mr. Williams on your acknowledgement of Gwen Ifill's fairness in moderating the debate. I thought the McCain campaign tried to unfairly malign her, although her book had been announced well before they had approved her for the job. She's a good journalist in my opinion, and I don't think what they did was right.

  4. My wife and I watched the debate last night, and thought Sarah Palin was great.

    She has the one thing you can't teach - charisma.

    We also thought Joe Biden did a good job, but were disappointed in some of his falsehoods. In this information age, you lose credibility when you try to slide false facts by the people.

  5. Gwen Ifill was fair. I knew she would be. She's always impressed me for her journalistic integrity. Last night however, she might have shied away from being a little tougher because of the increased scrutiny.

    Palin's knock-out punch was on the economy in terms of the American people were angry and that politicians must not let this crisis happen again, and she called on Americans to be more responsible fiscally and live within their means.

    Government needs to do the same. Now that the bailout has passed, were facing a $11 Trillion Deficit. The deficit is going to bite us in the butt. It must be reduced. If Obama wins and attempts to spend any money he has to be stopped.

    We're in debt so deep right now our grandchildren might not climb out of this hole.

    We're done. We can't spend any more money as a nation. We can't spend money we don't have individually.

    The bill that passed today was a bandaid on a scrape on the knee while our jugulars have been cut and are spurting blood all over the place.

    I applaud Sarah Palin for her straight talk on this most important issue. Unfortunately, no politican is going far enough and talking about this bailout in terms of the deficit.