Tuesday, September 30, 2008

VP Candidate Shows Lack of Knowledge

Biden got it all wrong. The stock market crashed in 1929 and Hoover was President. Television was not in use in homes until the 1950's. FDR who was elected in 1932 talked to the nation by radio.

Maybe Biden is not ready for the office of Vice President. Biden can get facts so wrong and no one blinks an eye. No columnist are calling for his resignation. Comics are not mocking him. What would be the response if Sarah Palin had said this?

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  1. This will never be on the news. Sad that there's media biased.

  2. Why is it that Red states are also states that rate lower in education and higher in incidents of incest???

  3. Absolute bias!!! I agree with uriel (above.)

  4. I actually did see this comment ridiculed in a few different news outlets. Unfortunately for the McCain Campaign, when Biden makes a gaffe, it is so commonplace it's a "Dog Bites Man" story.

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  6. Biden’s lack of knowledge isn’t limited to facts or history. In a recent rally he told State Senator Chuck Graham to stand up when in fact Chuck Graham was confined to a wheel chair. How stupid can you be? Let’s also not forget he pulled a Hillary combat story. So, I propose we label Biden as such: Joe "Chopper shot down by Al-Qaida Anti-Aircraft Gunfire" Biden. We have to keep ramming the fact that Liberals love double standards. They want to offer terrorists love, hugs, peace symbols and hallmark cards to but jail soldiers defending America if they accidentally kill too many terrorists. It’s easy to understand that Marxists "Obama and his Socialist Democrats" hate America. WWW.DEMSHATEAMERICA.COM spells it out.
    From an Airborne Soldier's perspective!

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  8. Any news about A defector's mystical disappearance?