Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Campaign Straining to Reach Money Goal

By Michael Luo and Jeff Zeleny, International Herald Tribune, Tuesday, September 9, 2008

After months of record-breaking fund-raising, a new sense of urgency in Senator Barack Obama's fund-raising team is palpable as the full weight of the campaign's decision to bypass public financing for the general election is suddenly upon it. (link)


This is more good news!

Yesterday it was the poll numbers, today this news. The momentum is with McCain. Now that we are into the general election the McCain campaign will reap an infusion of $84 million in public financing. Obama had had such success with early fund raising that he decided he would do better without public funding. Now, it seems, that the money is not flowing into the Obama campaign the way it was anticipated. For one thing, the Hillary supporters are not supporting the Obama campaign to the degree it was expected.

Not that the Obama campaign is broke; far from it. In fact, following the Palin nomination speech, the other side was so outraged that they opened their wallets and gave Obama a one day spike in contributions breaking previous records. Palin's speech may have resulting in more funds flowing to Obama than McCain. Despite this one day fund raising record however, the overall level of contributions to the Obama campaign is down. Nevertheless, Obama has out raised and out spent McCain considerably.

I feel the momentum is with our side. The enthusiasm is with McCain-Palin. Obama does not appear near as cocky as previously. The mainstream media is still fawning over Obama and the smear campaign against Palin is in full gear, but it seems the momentum has shifted. The McCain campaign in on the ascendancy and Obama is sinking. We need to keep the momentum going as we go into the debates. It would be ashamed to loose this election due to a lack of money. Please give, give, give. Click the McCain ad to the left and it will take you to the McCain website where you can conveniently contribute using any major credit card.

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