Monday, July 07, 2008

Tennessee felons want voting rights back

Presidential race generates more interest

By JANELL ROSS Staff Writer

Tennessee is on track this year to double the number of felons who saw their voting rights restored, a sign some experts and ex-offenders say demonstrates an eagerness to vote in November's historic presidential election.

And, if a pending voting rights lawsuit succeeds, the number of people banned from voting after serving their sentences could shrink even further. The suit challenges the constitutionality of Tennessee's felon voting rights law, which bars ex-offenders from voting if they owe child support or court-ordered restitution. (link)


By Darrell Massie

I read The Tennessean article, “Tenn. felons want voting rights back,” July 2. The article stated that ex-felons, who have served their time but still refuse to pay child support or other forms of court-ordered restitution, are particularly interested in getting their “voting rights” back this year.

The inference was clear that the majority of these ex-felons, if not all, want to use their vote to influence the election for Barack Obama.

The ACLU, of course, is leading the charge to get them their just dues. I am breathless with anticipation. I can’t wait to see all those bumper stickers start showing up on the highways: “Felons and deadbeat dads for Obama.”

Darrell Massie is a from Whitehouse , Tennessee. This commentary was a published letter-to-the-editor and is reprinted with the author’s permission

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  1. This is no good. You can't punish people by giving what you took away back. These guys are felons, and all rights are stripped away - don't give them back to them!

  2. Un-freaking-believable!! Are there any consequences to being a felon? Especially one that doesn't pay child support? This is a terrible incentive and it figures that the ACLU approves.