Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barack Obama: Jesse Jackson apologises for comments

Jessie Jackson: "See, Barack been talking down to black people on this faith based ... I want cut his nuts off ... Barack ... he's talking down to black people."

It seems that Jessie Jackson is unhappy with Barack Obama because in a Fathers Day speech, Barack called upon Black men to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the children they bring into the world. It seems that Jackson would much prefer for Obama to talk about "collective moral responsibility of government and the public policy." The way Jackson sees it, if you talk about personal responsibility that is "talking down to Black people."

If Black people accept that it is their own self-destructive behaviour that is a major contributing factor to the social problems, crime rate, and poverty in the Black community then they may not follow a demigod like Jackson who wants to blame all the problems of the Black community on racism and the White man.

To see the video of Jackson making the statement quoted above and read the story, click on the post title above.

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  1. I think Jesse Jackson is a lesson for all Democrats. You can want to cut Obama's nuts off and still be best friends and vote for him.

  2. I don't know, you probably shouldn't say such racist things as you did above there. Jackson will find where you live and stand outside your house to loudly protest.

    Anyways, I agree. The government has done way too much to try to help. They need to help themselves, and stop blaming others for what they have created.

  3. THIS is how I feel about this issue...

    Yeah, I know, a cheap trawl for hits....can't help it, I'm shameless. :grin: