Friday, January 04, 2008

Voters, officials must end 'ATM politics'

Thursday, 01/03/08, The Tennessean

Congress should stop earmarks. When senators can get $500 million of taxpayer funds to grease their re-election bids, and even freshman congressmen can get $50 million, our government is terribly broken. (To continue: Voters, Officials Must …)

My Comment: Jim Cooper is my kind of Democrat. One of the reasons I am a “disgruntled Republican” is that I am disgusted that the recent Republican Congress spent money like drunken sailors. The Republican Party has traditionally been the Party of small government, spending restraint, and fiscal responsibility, but their actions of the last several years has caused them to lose any claim to that description.

Jim Cooper has been a constant voice for spending restraint and a severe critic of earmarks, calling them the "currency of corruption.” Also, Representative Cooper has been one of the few politicians who will speak the truth about the coming crisis in Social Security funding. I am glad that we have Jim Cooper representing us in the U. S. Congress.

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