Friday, January 04, 2008

Political Cartoon in Poor Taste

Democrat blogger Martin Diano (DianoSphere) published this cartoon in his blog recently with the following comment: “The cartoon is yet another example of how low political discourse in our country has sunk.”

I am helping Mr. Diano spread his message by reproducing the cartoon and his comment.

Don’t let me catch you laughing at this cartoon!

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  1. I had to really try hard to not laugh on that one.

  2. sorry i did. but seriously, recent elections had shown us how low politicians would go as far as running a campaign. instead of simply talking about issues, i always see a parallel campaign to discredit the opponent.

    you could easily tell if the campaign/ad was just telling certain facts about the opponents public record or it was simply meant to destroy their public image.

    that goes for both the republican and democratic parties. and that is no good for us voters 'coz it alienates us from the real issue.