Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thomas Friedman on the Power of Green

This is lengthy, but is an excellent article. It is
Thomas Friedman on The Power of Green. If lays out a
very logical argument of why we must address the
Global warming/energy problem and why everyone should
get on board. He makes a compelling security argument
and an economic argument as well as the environmental
argument. By now, everyone who can be persuaded has
been persuaded that global warming is real. We have
seen enough polar bears on ice floes. What is missing
is serious discussion of how to deal with it.
changing out light bulbs and properly inflating our
tires is not going to do it. We need a real plan to
reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Friedman says "We have not even begun to be serious
about the costs, the effort and the scale of change
that will be required to shift our country, and
eventually the world, to a largely emissions-free
energy infrastructure over the next 50 years." He says
"today's presidential hopefuls are largely full of hot
air on the climate-energy issue. Not one of them is
proposing anything hard, like a carbon or gasoline
tax, and if you think we can deal with these huge
problems without asking the American people to do
anything hard, you're a fool or a fraud."
The article explain how get developing countries to
"go green". If the developed countries do it, the
market place will make clean development competitive
with dirty development and the role of international
trade will make developing countries change their
ways. Security hawks, greedy businessmen, and
tree-hugging vegetarians ought to be on the same side
of this issue.
This is the best thing I have read on the topic.
http://www.nytimes./ com/2007/ 04/15/magazine/
15green.t. html?ex=11775600 00&en=2989acb5a9
c75b84&ei= 5070&emc= eta1

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