Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How the Holy Rollers and Neocoms stole the Republican Party

Did anyone see Victor Gold on Cspan2 BookTV a few weeks ago? As a disgruntled Republican, I was delighted to see someone say the things I believe. His book is Invasion of the Body Snatchers, How the Holy Rollers and the Neocons stole the Republican Party. He says the Republican Party must die to be reborn. He was close to Bush and Cheney but is now angry at the administration.

Here is more on Gold and his books and some links: Victor Gold served as press aide to Barry Goldwater and speechwriter and senior advisor to George H. W.Bush (in addition to coauthoring his autobiography),Victor Gold is absolutely furious that the Neo-Cons and their strange bedfellows, the Evangelical Right, have stolen his party from him. Now he is bringing the fight to them. Invasion of the Party Snatchers (April 17), is a blistering critique not only of the Bush-Cheney administration but also of the Republican Congress. After four decades as a Republican insider, Gold is ready to tell all about the war being waged for the soul of the GOP, including the elder Bush’s opinion of his son’s work domestically and abroad, the significance of the newly elected Congress, and how Goldwater would have reacted to it all. Gold reveals, among other explosive disclosures, how George W. has been manipulated by his vice president and secretary of defense to become, in Lenin's famous phrase, a "useful idiot" for Neo-Conservative warmongers and Theo-Conservative religious fanatics. Although there have been other books by dissident Republicans attacking the Bush-Cheney administration’s betrayal of conservative principles, none have been by an insider whose political credentials include inner-circle status with Barry Goldwater and George H.W. Bush. Invasion of the Party Snatchers is a protest and a warning directed not so much at Republicans, as at the American people as a whole. Gold sums up his thesis in the section of the book that takes a hard look at the Neo-Cons, Theo-Cons, and political hacks that now constitute the leadership of the Republican Party. and this one:

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