Saturday, June 08, 2024

The Curious Case of Marco Rubio: No one on the American right embodies the corruption of conservatism quite like Marco Rubio.

by Nick Catoggio, The Dispatch, June 8, 2024- Nearly every conservative of significance within the Republican Party has reconciled themselves to Trumpism since 2016, but the earnestness with which they’ve done so varies. Many are careerists who privately despise Donald Trump and what he stands for but despise the idea of losing their political stature just a little more. They’ve pledged their fealty because they had to, not because they wanted to. They’re cynics.

Other conservatives started out despising Trump but have grown to idolize the man and his movement. A few might have been won over to populist-nationalism on the ideological merits (giggle) but for most, I think, the appeal is more primal. MAGA politics is a daily bath of authoritarian fervor, cultural outrage, and insatiable suspicion that malicious conspiracies are afoot in every part of society. Whatever may have motivated these conservatives to join the cult, they’re enthusiastic converts now. (Read more)

Rod's Comment: In the primary season leading up to the 2020 nomination, I was an enthusiastic supporter of Marco Rubio. I saw him as smart and sensible and well-grounded in mainstream conservative principles. Like so many others who have joined the Trump cult it has been disappointing and perplexing to watch one who I admired descend into the mire of the Trumpian pit of authoritarianism, irrationality, abandonment of principle and destruction of America's institutions. 

This article makes the case that there are those Republicans who are simply cynics who want to remain relevant and adapt, and those who are true converts to Trumpism. 

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