Sunday, June 09, 2024

Nashville's Zoning Stupidity and the Wall to Nowhere.

by ALEX PEMBERTON, The Nashville Scene, JUN 4, 2024 - Admit it, East Nashville. We’re all thinking
the same thing: What’s up with the new Dunkin’ on Gallatin and its weird wall to nowhere? 

Is it a future mural canvas to bait bachelorettes with Instagram Moments™? No. Maybe some sort of backdrop for avant-garde performance art? No. 

No, the answer is way more stupid: zoning. 

Zoning for the site dictates that buildings must be built within 15 feet of the sidewalk, and the building facade must extend across at least 60 percent of the parcel’s frontage, with windows making up at least 40 percent of that facade. 

But get this: It turns out the zoning rules don’t require anything behind the facade. (link)

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