Friday, May 10, 2024

NewsChannel 5 honored with coveted Peabody Award for Gabrielle Hanson investigation. It is an honor well-deserved.

Gabrielle Handson
 by Rod Williams, May 10, 2024- In the era of Trump, we are seeing more and more Republican, or "conservative" candidates run for office who are charlatans, hypocrites, con-artist, conspiracy theorist, and fellow travelers with white supremist run for office. In the city of Franklin Tennessee, one who fit that mold was Gabrielle Handson, who ran for mayor challenging incumbent Ken Moore.

This campaign was so bizarre that if it was a work of fiction, it would have been dismissed as unbelievable. Thankfully Ken Moore won in a landslide. It not for the reporting of NewsChannel 5, that might not have been the case. In a series of more than 20 reports, Phil Williams exposed Handson for what she was. NewsChannel 5 has been honored for this reporting, an award well deserved. 

Below is a summary of some of the reporting that exposed Handson: 

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