Wednesday, May 01, 2024

MNPD Expands Online Reporting Program

Metro press release, May, 1, 2024-  MNPD is expanding the Citizen Online Reporting program on

May 1 to include the following criminal activity:

Retail Scam:

Definition: Theft of money or merchandise from a retail/merchant location whereby a suspect uses deceptive and/or fraudulent methods to obtain them.

Examples: Fraudulent return scams, price tag switching, and money changing scams.

Bicycle Theft:

Definition: The theft of a bicycle from an outside location, not to include enclosed structures/sheds. This does not include motorized/electric bikes or scooters.

Examples: The bicycle was stolen from a bike rack, off the street, or other outside area.

Theft from a Residential Yard:

Definition: The theft of items from outside a residential location. This does not include theft of vehicles, theft of items from vehicles, or items stolen from enclosed structures/sheds.

Examples: A outdoor grill, lawn furniture, or lawn and garden equipment is stolen from the patio/yard.

To make a report online please visit How to File a Police Report Online where you will click on the icon representing each category. Still photos from home surveillance systems can also be uploaded.

Not all incidents can be filed online. If your incident is not listed in the category selection list, please call the Department of Emergency Communications at 615-862-8600 for non-emergencies. For ALL emergencies call 911.

As of April 29, the MNPD Records Division has approved 946 citizen online incident reports and received 3,218 minor crash reports.

Rod's Comment: Other types of incidents that already could be reported online include minor auto crashes, shoplifting and a few others. One can see the list at this link. While I am sure there are some who will see online reporting as an indication the city does not care about crime, and while actually talking to a police officer may be comforting to some if they are a victim of crime, it simply appears efficient to provide online reporting for minor crimes. However, it does seem there should be a value limit. Some bicycles may only be worth $20 and some may be worth $2000. Also, I would think that the value of the item shoplifted should correspond to the police effort to solve the crime. 

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