Friday, December 08, 2023

Former Republican candidate Michelle Foreman slapped with $100,000 in court sanctions

Michelle Foreman
BY: J. HOLLY MCCALL, Tennessee Lookout, DECEMBER 6, 2023 - A Nashville judge has ruled that former two-time Republican legislative candidate Michelle Foreman must pay $100,000 in sanctions to a former Metro Nashville council member to deter Foreman from future lawsuits intended to chill public participation. 

Circuit Court Judge Lynne Ingram ruled in favor of Dave Rosenberg, who served on Metro Council from 2015-2023, finding Foreman’s actions constituted a strategic lawsuit against public participation, known as a SLAPP suit. 

The ruling stemmed from a May case in which Foreman filed a $300,000 defamation suit against Rosenberg, after Rosenberg referred to her as a “a truly-unhinged politician who is a COVID denier, anti-vaccine, supports Jan. 6 and election conspiracy theories, and is a pathological liar” in an October 2022 newsletter. (continue reading)

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