Friday, October 13, 2023

Nashville, Tennessee is ranked as the city with the toughest commute.

by Rod Williams, Oct. 13, 2023-
According to a new study by Forbes, Nashville is the worst city in America for commuters.  The study shows that commuters in Nashville lost 41 hours in congestion in 2022. Nashville has 452,194 workers with 2.6% of households not having access to a car. Nashville residents have an average commute time of 28.6 minutes to work each day. 

Other cities in the list of the top five worst cities for commuters are Charlotte, North Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida; Houston, Texas; and Washington, D.C.. Los Angeles and New York are not in the top five, and neither are Boston, Dallas. or Fort Worth, but they are in the top ten. 

I find this hard to believe but that is what the Forbes study shows. While Nashvillians spend 29.6 minutes on average on their travel time to work, New Yorkers spend 43.4 minutes. So, why is Nashville ranked worst? The study factors in a walk score, a bike score, and a transit score and Nashville scores low on all counts. If one considers only time travel to work, we are not in the top ten of worst commutes. 

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