Thursday, September 14, 2023

Today is the day. If you haven't voted, please vote and please vote for Alice Rolli for mayor.

Alice Rolli
by Rod Williams, Sept. 14, 2023- Today is the day.  If you haven't voted yet, please vote.  

It is possible to win this, if conservatives will get out and vote.  Nashville has a liberal electorate; however, it is not overwhelmingly liberal. While Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden by a large margin, more normal Republicans have done reasonably well in Davidson County. Also, many Democrats, more Democrats than Republicans, vote in national elections but fail to vote in other elections. Nashvillians have in the past voted for conservatives and identified Republican in countywide races, as in 2016 when the county voted for a strong conservative for one of the council-at-large seats. Also, on several referendums, the conservative position has carried the day. This race is winnable, if Republicans will go to the polls. 

These are the issues that motivate me to support Alice Rolli:

  • Taxes: Year before last we raised property taxes 32%. We should not keep raising taxes. We have adequate revenue from increased property values, growth, and tourism. We do not need more tax increases and Alice Rolli has pledged not to raise taxes.
  • Crime: Crime is out of control. Little crime is not even investigated such as Amazon package porch theft and car break-ins. Police response time is way up. Our police are short 200 officers from being fully staffed. Alice is the candidate endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. I have a district impression that Freddie O'Connell is soft on crime.
  • Education: Our schools are failing. We score among the lowest in the State on students reading at a third-grade level and we have low graduation rates.  While there a are few good schools, overall, Nashville's schools are terrible. The school board gets the largest chuck of metro's revenue. Alice Rolli with hold the school board accountable for results.
There are other reasons I prefer Alice Rolli over Freddie O'Connell but the above is the big three. 

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