Saturday, July 15, 2023

Updated list of candidates viewed favorably by the Davidson County Republican Party

by Rod Williams, July 15, 2023- Below is the list of candidate views as "favorable" by the Davidson County Republican Party.  I am still working on my own voters' guide which I will be publishing very soon. My own guide differs from that of the DCRP. 

In my view a candidate does not have to be a Republican for me to view him or her favorably.  On most issues before the council, there is not a proper Democrat or Republican way to vote. There just isn't.  A sane common-sense Democrat is better than a far leftist nutty Democrat and we need a majority of sane reasonable people on the Metro Council. If the choice is between a sane Democrat and a nutty Democrat, I will favor the sane Democrat. Sometimes that is the choice.

Also, electability is a factor. Sometimes I prefer someone who may not exhibit conservative ideologically purity but has a chance of winning over the ideological pure who has no chance of winning. Sometimes the practical choice is not choosing which candidate is best but choosing which candidate is the best among the viable candidates. 

Stay tuned for my voters' guide. 


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