Saturday, May 20, 2023

The full Donald Trump CNN Town Hall can be viewed here. It reveals to me that Trump is more dangerous than ever.

by Rod Williams, May 20, 2023. If you missed the May 10th much-talked-about CNN Donald Trump Town Hall, here it is. I missed it. I have seen excerpts and read commentary about it but am just now seeing the full event.  It reveals to me that Trump is even more dangerous now than he was before. 

In the Town Hall we see some typical name calling and bluster that his loyal follows seem to love.  I am a severe critic of Trump and think he is a dangerous man, but he is certainly an entertainer. I even got a chuckle or too.  When it comes to policy discussion, I agree with Trump on most issues. I agree with Trump's explanation of how he made America energy independent and then Biden's reversing that gain. And, I agree with what Trump has to say about the border. I am with Trump on most policy. It is not policy that concerns me with Donald Trump 

Trump continues to say the 2020 election was a "rigged" election and makes his case for that claim. Despite overwhelming repudiation of this claim, from his own advisors, from other observers, and in numerous court cases, he spreads the lie and people still buy it. Undermining our democracy concerns me. 

Regarding the January 6th attack on the capitol, he says if reelected he will pardon most of the rioters and says January 6th was “a beautiful day” and says many of the rioters had “love in their heart”. I don't agree, of course, but do find it hypocritical to want to throw the book at Jan. 6 rioters when ANTFA rioters who were more violent and more destructive were handled with kid gloves. I think the proper view is that all rioters who commit acts of violence and destruction should be punished regardless of the political affiliation. That ANTIFA got off the hook for acts of violence is no justification for excusing  Trumpinista violence. 

I am particularly concerned with his response to a question about Ukraine. He says if he is reelected, he will have the war settled on day one, "in 24 hours."  What does that mean? Is he going to force Ukraine to surrender? Is he going to drop the big bomb? He also will not even say he wants Ukraine to win the war. After seeing this interview, I am fearful than under a Trump administration, Putin will be allowed to reassemble the old Soviet empire. 

I fear for our Democracy and the world Trump should be reelected. 

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  1. rod, our country is NOT a democracy at all. Stop lying.